NEVO automotive CPU

A well-known sequential gas control unit NEVO family has its origins in the reliable DIEGO system. Advanced and cutting-edge construction is based on the dual core processor dedicated for automotive industry - AUTOMOTIVE. It ensures the precise LPG&CNG gas consumption control in the modern car engines.

There is also the RL version, available with an inductive emulator, which are used in very sensitive petrol control units, which signal the petrol injector cut-off after fitting the gas installation.The system is equipped with Start/Stop ecological function that is useful in the latest generation cars.

The system is equipped with START/STOP ecological function that is useful in the latest generation cars.

NEVO  valvematic valvetronic

Reliability of work and increased capabilities have been guaranteed by the use of a digital serial bus line. The latest generation of NEVO family control units provides the support of standard cars and the high-tech solutions for the engines: VALVEMATIC, VALVETRONIC (without a throttle valve in the intake manifold).


automatic switch to gas supply and automatic return to petrol in case of the lack of gas

automatic panel brightness regulation - control panel dimmer after dark

user-friendly control panel informing the user about the current state of work such as self-diagnosis codes, reviews

awaryjne uruchomienie silnika bezpośrednio na zasilaniu gazowym

“Warm Start” mechanism that enables to start the car on gas when the engine is “warmed up”

automatic calibration of gas level indicator

configurable self-diagnosis of the system for example: system tests, recorder, error codes with the amount and time of occurrence

gas injectors tests

workshop options (reviews, setting modifications such as blocking the controller by the workshop password, monitoring the changes in the controller, etc.)

recording the working time on gas and petrol

a choice of diode color indicating the current status of the controller

In comparison to our first Diego G3 device, our latest system has an easy-to-use and intuitive software interface. In cooperation with the installers, who have a day-to-day car calibration practice, there have been the following improvements implemented: FUNC toolbar informing about the active functions of the controller and always visible side toolbar, which is helpful in current system work monitor.

Our own solutions of adaptation of the gas controller  OSA and MOSA ensure comfortable conditions for driving the car with the gas system as well as automatic adjustment of the gas dose to changeable work conditions. MOSA (Map-on Board System Adaptation) is available in all control units in NEVO family (NEVO/NEVO PLUS/NEVO PRO). It makes possible to adjust gas dose on the base of engine readings while on gasoline and to monitor readings while on gas.

NEVO On Board Diagnostic System

OSA - OBD System Adaptation is available automatically in the NEVO PRO control unit with an integrated OBD (on board)). In the installation with NEVO or NEVO PLUS controller, all the correction changes and OBD parameter readings are available after connecting     the adapter OBD, also produced by KME. The mechanism that makes use of the OBD data allows to:
adjust the mixture dosage according to petrol controller strategy;
monitor the system work;
monitor the factual errors with the possibility to delete them.


continuous and stable adaptation of gas dosage (MOSA, OSA)

keeping a car dynamics (power, acceleration) on the same, unchanged level

procedures of switching on the engines in low external temperatures

modular accordance of adjusting the harnesses in the NEVO family controllers

Start/Stop function for cars with a low CO2 emission

easy assembly enabled by the compact structure, modular solution of adding simplified harnesses that is characterized by the optimal length and technical parameters

automatic or/and manual advanced configuration and system calibration

advanced functions of software (post-injections, adding petrol while working on gas, injection system type change detection, acceleration corrections, interference protection filters, etc.)

NEVO modułowość

Cars with NEVO systems fulfill emission standards EURO 4/5/6.

One of the most important assembly features  of the system is its MODULARITY. In the situation when the car requires better and effective calibration and there’s the NEVO ECU installed in the car, one cable harness (grey) needs to be added to the already installed black one and the NEVO controller needs to be replaced with more technically advanced NEVO PLUS or NEVO PRO. There’s no need of changing the whole installation – it’s enough to hook up the additional elements to the existing system.

specification of NEVO family

nevo nevo plus nevo pro
KME producer NEVO ecu nevo nevo plus nevo pro

Version and product code

694 000 000

694 100 000
696 100 000
698 100 000

694 200 000
696 200 000
698 200 000

Controller dimentions - mm (width/height)




MOSA - Map-on Board System Adaptation

Equipped with START/STOP function

Function of reading the analogue signals e.g. Lambda Probe, PPO connection in Valvetronic cars


Control of external elements like: fuel pump, relay

Integrated module OBD/EOBD

Possibility of connecting the OBD Adapter

RL version with inductive emulator for very sensitive petrol ECUs with signals pertol injector cut-off

Read and delete errors

Configurable 12 V output, possibility of disconnecting fuel pump

Optionally connecting an external reducer temperature sensor or a gas temperature sensor

Emission standards EURO 4/5/6

Hermetic body

Quantity of connectors





Optimum harness, easy and quick installation

Grey harness (depends on cylinders quantity)

Master-slave option (2 ECUs)

* additional harness needed - violet wire

logo NEVO pro

An innovative module for demanding users

A pioneering controller NEVO PRO with an integrated OBD on board. This ECU is dedicated to the latest generation cars which fulfill emission standards EURO 4/5/6 with 3-12 cylinder engines. NEVO PRO contoller is available in version 4, 6, 8 cylinders. The controller has compact structure as well as hermetic and improved body cover. Easy and quick assembly of the controller allows to optimize the time of work of the installer.

NEVO PRO similarly to NEVO PLUS makes it possible to read analogue signals, e.g. lambda probe, connection of PPO converter* in the cars of Valvetronic type. Additionally it has configurable 12V output which by means of a relay can disconnect for instance the fuel pump.

NEVO PRO z wbudowanym OBD


Due to the fact that it has the  integrated OBD module on board, the installer has the ability to read engine parameters:  broadband lambda probes (UEGO), frozen frames and to reset engine errors.

It cooperates with the following OBD protocols:

  •    ISO9141
  •    KWP2000slow
  •    KWP2000fast
  •    CAN_11bitID_500kbps
  •    CAN_29bitID_500kbps
  •    CAN_11bitID_250kbps
  •    CAN_29bitID_250kbps

Electronics NEVO PRO is available as a LPG sets:


- standard set - it contains NEVO PRO ECU, parts and accessories for LPG installation.


- extended set - it contains KIT (standard set ) and LPG/water hoses.

logo NEVO plus

CPU with PLUS technology

The extended version of NEVO has two connectors. NEVO PLUS controller is available in versions 4, 6, 8 cylinders. Using additional master-slave harness the controllers can be installed in 10- or 12-cylinder cars. Modular solution of adding and exchanging system elements allows for a quick replacement of the controllers (from NEVO to NEVO PLUS ) and adding the grey harness e.g. to the already assembled installation in the car.

The NEVO PLUS controller has additional channels for emulation, it has the function of reading the analogue signals such as Lambda Probe and connection the PPO* in cars like Valvetronic. Moreover it has configurable 12V output and it gives the possibility to control and cut off a fuel pump through a relay. You can optionally connect an external reducer temperature sensor or a gas temperature sensor.

NEVO z adapterem OBD lub interfejsem AVATAR


Expand capacity of NEVO PLUS control!

   Learn more about OBD Adapter     



    Learn more about BT AVATAR INterface     

Electronics NEVO PLUS is available as a LPG sets:


- standard set - it contains NEVO PLUS ECU, parts and accessories for LPG installation.


- extended set - it contains KIT (standard set ) and LPG/water hoses.

logo NEVO

Modern CPU for max. 4-cylinder engines

The smallest controller from the NEVO family. Dedicated for 3-4 cylinder cars. It has compact structure. It is designed for an easy and quick assembly. It has one connector with an optimally adjusted harness and a hermetic body cover, which protects the device from external factor interference.

Connecting the OBD Adapter extends its functionality in terms of liaison with the OBD car module as well as enables OSA adaptation mechanism.

NEVO z adapterem OBD lub interfejsem AVATAR


Expand capacity of NEVO control!

   Learn more about OBD Adapter     



    Learn more about BT AVATAR INterface     

Electronics NEVO is available as a LPG sets:


- standard set - it contains NEVO ECU, parts and accessories for LPG installation.


- extended set - it contains KIT (standard set ) and LPG/water hoses.



nevo driver

   NEVO DRIVER application is an intuitive program to use sequential gas injection systems NEVO.

    Application is designed for drivers and it has allowed for configuration of NEVO systems by    BT AVATAR INTERFACE.

   Application available on


adapter OBD


Expanded capacity for NEVO, NEVO PLUS and DIEGO ECU`s

Adapter OBD (v2) enables the NEVO family controllers and Diego G3 to cooperate with the petrol controller with the use of diagnostic interface OBDII. When connected to NEVO and NEVO PLUS it widely extends possibilities of these devices by making available the OBD channel to read and record date and delete OBD errors. The Adapter assists the automatic regulation and adaptation of a gas system on the basic of corrections read from On-board Diagnostic System. The device can also be used an OBD scanner.

adapter OBD schemat podłączenia


Connect to the NEVO BY BLUETOOTH

It's a small device, when is connected to the NEVO ECU, you can communicate with your PC, tablet or Smartphone where you have installed    NEVO DRIVER apps.

   download avatar interface USER manual     

avatar schemat



“brain" of the gas system, controls all processes, works with a petrol ecu and on that basis it controls the gas installation


changes state of LPC/CNG gas from a liquid phase to a gas phase and reduces the pressure


enables the supply and cut off the gas supply to the reducer


cleans gas from dirt; KME filters have got one glass fiber layer and double polyester layer, which provides the highest degree of filtration


precisely doses the amount of gas supplied to the engine


reads current parameters of gas in the vapor phase, like the temperature and pressure to select proper gas dosage


(petrol/gas) – is used to let the user communicate with the installation, automatically or manually switches to gas supply; informs by light and sound signals about level of gas in the tank; automatically dims after dark

LPG tank

stores gas in liquid phase


controls the inflow and outflow from the tank, has got built-in safety valve for the sake of maximum protection for travelers

refueling valve

allows to refuel the tank. It can be placed under the flap for refueling or in the rear bumper

KME catalogue


NEVO electronics & KME reducers

Periodically we publish the catalogue of our products. This multi-lingual discripsion is the perfect introduction to the knowledge and popularisation of a wide range of our products in Poland and abroad. Catalogue includes electronic control units and reducers.

   download kme catalogue     

If you wish to receive a printed catalogue, please contact us:

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NEVO AUTOGAS SYSTEM - method of working

reliable LPG technology in your car

KME technology for you

   Gas system is powered by an alternative fuel LPG/CNG. Gas from the tank where it changes its state from liquid to the vapor.

   Next, in vapor phase, it goes into the filter where it is cleaned from particulates. The filter unit is an important element of the gas installation, because is responsible for the cleanliness and hence proper operation of the entire system.

   The gas is supplied to the injectors, which should be placed as close as possible to the intake manifold.

   Between the filter and injectors there is a pressure and temperature sensor that continuously analyzes the gas parameters.

   The entire installation of LPG/CNG operates under control of the NEVO ecu which is downloading information from the petrol ecu to adjust the appropriate gas dosage. Due to that every cylinder is supplied with the correct amount of LPG and it eliminates noticeable differences between driving on gas and petrol.

   The system communicates with the driver through the switch - control panel on dashboard in the passenger compartment.



If you have questions regarding the installation and calibration of our equipment, call or write to us - our TECHNICALS are at your disposal.


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